George Williams

George Williams

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Dumbstruck in the West Country



Dumbstruck 3 (photo by Owain Shaw)

Dear friends around Bristol and Frome, Fine Chisel’s Dumbstruck is sailing your way!

Through next week, 17th-21st June, we’ll be at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory Theatres. And then we’re at The Merlin in Frome on 26th June. Very much looking forward to bringing our tale of a whale back home and sharing it with some familiar faces…and ears. Do hope you can bring them.

And whilst we’ve been tacking back and fore, up and down the country, ferrying West to Cork, belting out a shanty or several along the way somewhere, out there, in our very oceans, a gentle giant with an utterly unique falsetto takes yet another solo.

G. x.